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Lubrication Systems and Tools

Lubrication systems

Perma-tec has been manufacturing lubrication systems since 1964. Single and multi-point lubrication systems are suitable for almost every industrial application. Long experience, countless patents and sertificates make Perma-tec the leading manufacturer.

Productivity: Lowers significantly the maintenance time. Up to 55% of roller bearing failures can be prevented using Perma lubrication systems.
Work safety: By using lubrication systems, there is no need to reach difficult places when machine is in operation. The system has a long lifetime and changing the cartridge is easy and fast.
Cost effectiveness: optimized lubrication without waste. Systems can be used for grease and oil based lubrication.


We provide the best tools for installation and maintenance for ease of use. Kraftmek provides customized machines for mechanical adjustments and powerful bearing heaters with accessories.

NTN-SNR: bearings heaters and accessories, measurement devices and safety, hydraulic nuts, bearing removal tools and so on.


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