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Motors and gears

Screw jacks are suitable for applications where there is a need for linear movement of medium- and large-sized bulks up and down or back and forth. Our screw jacks differ from those of their competitors by being based on modularity. Our prelubricated screw jacks are made with cast iron frame and annealed gearing and screw. Ex protection and screw jacks with brakes are also available.

LAT drum motors are the best choice as driver for belt and roller conveyor when there is limited space.

Our geared motors have optimized shaft size, power and speed of rotation for suitability to the highest number of applications. Whether it's a small or medium-sized motor, its competitiveness is in easy mounting and excellent efficiency. These motors have good low-end torque. This makes them good for start/stop conveyor use.

Renold gears are mostly manufactured from cast iron. In many cases this, in combination with annealed gear wheels, guarantees leading torque transmission capacity. There are a number of gear models and their properties, such as gear ratio, torque transmission capacity, means of mounting, etc. Due to construction that withstands highly demanding, hot, damp and dirty conditions as well as servicing of first-rate simplicity, Renold gears are used in the paper and steel industries, for instance. Custom made gears make the right solution possible for just your application.

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